2017 Annual Dinner -- Friday November 24

The Ottawa Centre is leased to announce info on our annual dinner which will be held on Friday November 24th in Salon D of Algonquin College. The evening starts at 6 pm with cocktails followed by a buffet dinner at 7 pm. The evening includes a special guest speaker, Centre awards and a special door prize.

Price is $45 per person. Tickets can be purchased at the November 3 RASC meeting or in advance by sending an etransfer to our Centre Treasurer, Oscar Echeverri, at treasurer@ottawa-rasc.ca.
While there is no dress code for this event, most people in past years have dressed semi-formally.
The guest speaker this year is Ivan Semeniuk, who many of you will remember delivered a talk on the latest Dark Matter research at the November 2015 meeting. His talk was well-researched and feedback from our Centre was entirely positive. I am excited to bring him back.
The title of Ivan's talk is "The Crash Heard 'Round the World: The past, present and future of neutron star astronomy."
Why neutron start astronomy? Well, it's been exactly 50 years since the first pulsar was detected, marking the arrival of neutron starts to observational astronomy. The blockbuster news just announced on Monday about colliding neutron stars causing gravitational waves while at the same time being observed adds to the excitement. Ivan wrote a story about it the other day: https://beta.theglobeandmail.com/technology/science/ligo-gravity-waves-neutron-star-collision/article36597830/
In short, we are in for a treat. His presentation will indeed be current.

Ivan Semeniuk is an award-winning science journalist, broadcaster and reporter for The Globe and Mail. While he covers science in general, he focuses on science policy and especially Space science. He is a contributing editor for many years to Sky News magazine. He has reported on countless subjects, examples include the Pluto spacecraft flyby, the discovery of exoplanets and much more. For 10 seasons he was a columnist and field producer for the Daily Planet.

I hope you can join us for what promises to be a memorable evening.
Regarding the Ontario Colleges Labor Dispute
All non-academic functions on the Algonquin College campus continue as usual. If the labor dispute is not settled by November 24, this won't affect our Annual Dinner. However, it's reasonable to expect that there might be delays at the picket lines. We suggest you allow extra time for this.