Pardon the Mess!


Well, this place looks empty!

Yes, it is pretty empty right now. We are starting a major renovation of the RASC Ottawa Centre's website.

It's now mid-August 2016. Over the next week, you'll see content being added. Over the coming months, we'll be transferring material from our old website to this new one.

Why are we bothering to do this?

Technology has caught up with us. There are some new tools that allow us to produce some pretty cool content with much less difficulty than than ever. The problem, as usual, is that dreadful changeover period.

Rather than subject you to a confusing mish-mash of old and new, we're starting starting fresh. We think you'll like the final product when we're done.

What about all the stuff from the existing website?

It's still right where it's always been: the existing RASC Ottawa Centre website.


Thanks for your patience, National Capital RASCals!