Paul Klauninger

RASC Ottawa Member

Paul Klauninger is a graduate of the University of Toronto, where he studied Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Earth Sciences.  He has been passionate about astronomy since childhood and involved in astrophotography for over 30 years.  Paul has lectured on astronomy, astro-imaging, and space travel at the Canada Museum of Science & Technology as well as teaching undergrad astronomy at Carleton University.  He is currently an astronomy instructor at Algonquin College and holds workshops on astrophotography at the School of Photographic Arts in Ottawa.  Paul is a regular guest speaker on astronomical imaging at Carleton University and has also conducted astronomy workshops and school outreach activities for the Ottawa Board of Education.

Paul is an avid photographer of landscapes and the night sky, and performs much of his astro-imaging from his home observatory under the dark skies of Lanark County in eastern Ontario.  He is most passionate about imaging both transient and extreme celestial objects such as comets, auroras, eclipses, remote galaxy clusters, and gravitational lensing phenomenon.  He imaged his first comet during the 1987 apparition of Comet Halley and traveled to Barbados to catch it at closest approach.

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