Fred Lossing Observatory FLO

The Fred P. Lossing Observatory (FLO)

FLO is operated by RASC Ottawa chapter for the benefit of its members. Members may bring their own observing gear or, if certified, use one of the permanent club telescopes.

The observatory was established in 1971 and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021.  It has been located at the current site since 1977. Recent improvements have increased the number of permanent telescopes and observing areas.

FLO is located in relatively dark skies just outside of Almonte, about 45 km west of the Highway 417/416 interchange. We lease a portion land at the Mill of Kintail Conservation Area, leased from the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority. The observatory is accessed from 365 Bennies Corners Road via a private gated lane.

At RASC Ottawa we hope to inspire your interest and foster your knowledge of astronomy. Whether you’re a seasoned observer or just beginning to explore the wonders of the cosmos, we have expertise and resources to offer. Our vibrant community of members shares a passion for all things astronomical, and we are here to support and guide you on your astronomical journey.

See current weather conditions at FLO


Facilities and Activities

There are three fixed-mount telescopes on site, each housed in its own structure. Use of these telescopes requires training, certification, and payment of a small additional annual fee to cover their maintenance and operating expenses.

  1. The Mike Wirths Telescope
    • equipment: 18″ Starmaster DOB with GoTo
    • structure: roll-off roof building (south mound)
    • status: operational
  2. The Rolf Meier Memorial Telescope
    • equipment: 6″ Astro-Physics Refractor on a German equatorial mount
    • structure: dome building (north mound)
    • status: operational
  3. The Paul Comision Memorial Telescope
    • equipment: 14″ Meade SCT on a wedge mount
    • structure: SkyShed Pod on a deck (north mound)
    • status: operational (User Guide in preparation)

Qualified users for these telescopes are listed here.

There are two observing mounds where members can set up their own equipment and access hydro power outlets. A clubhouse/warm room  and an outhouse are available. The clubhouse contains the log book, reference materials, club eyepieces, binoculars, and a 10″ DOB (manual – no motor or computer) for member use. 

Please make a log book entry when you visit FLO!

For more information or to obtain a copy of the Site Use Guidelines, contact the FLO director at:

FLO star parties

RASC member star parties are held, weather permitting, once a month on a Saturday close to the new moon.

Go/NoGo is announced to the club email list around noon on the day. There are no alternate dates. These star parties are NOT open to the public, but members may bring family members or a guest.

Typical attendance is 5 to 15 people. There is plenty of room on the two observing mounds for personal telescope and camera setups. The club telescopes may be open for observing if a qualified user is present.

2024 FLO star parties are scheduled on the following Saturdays (with Sundays as possible backup days):

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